Tuesday, January 25, 2005

So, every now and again I come across stuff about the English Language that just makes me cry laughing, and this week's post is a prime example I hope you will all enjoy. It's about the very important linguistic business of how bilingual people (er, the vast majority of the world's population apart from a few weirdos in Britain) select between their languages. Sometimes, the context will clearly demand use of one or the other, and sometimes people mix bits together in a highly creative phenomenon known as code-switching.

And what do I find on icWales, the national website of Wales, but an article explaining that a recent informal survey of bilingual English-Welsh speakers suggests that whilst Welsh is happily used for flirting and chatting people up, it is regarded as unsuitable for use during sex! English is fine though... Now how come this important question about the use of English had simply never crossed my mind??!!

Apparently Welsh is not much good for swearing either...

Do I dare ask you to post your observations on the board?!!....

The ancient tongue which is far too respectable to wet the lips in bed



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