Sunday, January 09, 2005

United Queendom

From my browsing around, there are some tantalising articles about language in The Independent, but they've gone all tight-waddy again and are charging to read them, so, lang-ledge punters, we're back to The Times this week. But don't forget, you only get 7 days to read it for free.

And the news in The Times is that the British Tourist Authority has decided to try and cash in on Britain's thriving gay culture. It's written a load of promotional guff on its website, with the purpose of persuading gay visitors to come and spend pink pounds on these tolerant shores. That's all fine and dandy, but the language has come in for some criticism from gay writers as comprising little more than redundant cliché. Interestingly, this is not regarded as offensive in any way - just sort of hopelessly untrendy in a stereotypically straight way.

I mean, "pulsating nightlife"??!! Don't believe me? Go read for yourself!

Click on the link below for The Times homepage; type "gay vistors" into the search box; click on "search the site"; click on first item.

Tourism chiefs to lure gay vistors to 'United Queendom'

Our rainbow nation


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