Sunday, December 19, 2004


Okay, so when all the visiting relatives have started bickering, you're sick of mince pies, and there's nothing on all 764 channels of your TV, here's a game you can play to liven up the holidays. Just ask everyone to come up with a word they think should be in the dictionary, but isn't - "tinseltastic" and "Santa Stress" are big favourites of mine already. Then click on the link to the Collins dictionary below, take a minute to register, and you're away to a fantastic new thing - an online dictionary for the people, by the people! Like Wikipedia, you can submit material, debate other people's submissions, and generally have a fine old time contributing your kind of words to a truly comprehensive up-to-the-minute dictionary. Right now, as I post this, "dogging" is subject to hot debate - go see if you don't believe me!

Collins Word Exchange

Collins launches online dictionary to debate new words


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