Monday, August 02, 2004

Holiday reading?

It's early August, I'm probably talking to myself while you guys are all playing frisbee on the beach (and/or keeping the combined supermarket empires of the known universe stacked), but the English language trundles ever onwards. And by the time I've learned the Italian for all the flavours in the ice cream parlour, you'll probably be back here, bored, sick of the endless summer holidays, and looking for some linguistic stimulation (okay now, stop laughing).

So, just for a change, and because I know you all chose English Langauge A Level so that you never had to read any books, I thought we'd have a look at some contemporary fiction. NO, DON'T CLICK THE CLOSE ICON!! This is cool. You'll like it, honest.

You see, this writer called Dave Eggars has been writing mini-stories for the Guardian Weekend magazine, and they're funky - and very very short. No fluff, no flannel, just the kernel of a weird story that makes you go "ooh" and think for a moment. Check' em out. I'm particularly fond of "Gretchen The Squid"...

Bite-sized fiction

And if you noted my use of "you guys" as the second person plural form (I wasn't just talking to the lads out there!), check out the Seattle Times article linked below explaining how it is fast becoming part of Standard English.

'You Guys'