Saturday, September 03, 2005

The rubber chicken?!...

Dunno why all these things to do with Jesus are suddenly crying out to be read, but following on from yesterday's post, check out the link below. Another example of an original piece of writing, this time with a mission to entertain. This is also a pretty smart piece of writing. It may initially look as though it's edging into blasphemy, but if you think about it, it actually has important stuff to say about how right wing American politicians use Christianity as an unassailable argument for their way of doing business in the world.

This is a parody of a political speech. Check out the way it uses rhetorical language, compare it with one of Bush's speeches (written by someone who can actually string a sentence together), and weep at the Bushisms website. And be kind to Americans - most of them didn't actually vote for him, after all...

The Parable of Jesus and the Rubber Chicken

American Rhetoric
(for rhetorical techniques and a shedload of speeches)




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