Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What's new?

Like I said, I've been tinkering around with the insides of this website, and you'll notice a few new things if you've been here before. Here's the list so far - check it out.

1) New colour scheme (okay, okay, it doesn't add anything to your knowledge of the English Language but I had fun choosing...)

2) Top new gizmo: a search the site function. Type in a key word - eg gender, power, language change - and the magic gizmo will find all previous posts that relate to it. Very handy for reference purposes when you're working on a topic in class or for coursework. Nah, it's okay, no need to thank me...

3) I tidied up the links section, making some new headings to keep them in some kind of order.

4) I put some more information about this site in my profile section, which is now enormous. This is a temporary measure until I find a bit of code for a FAQ section that is (a) free and (b) without advertising. No joy so far. If anyone out there wants to write me some, do feel free - email addy is in the profile.

Next jobs are updating links and reading. Suggestions for this and any other features you think would be cool, just let me know...


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