Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Speaking in tongues?

So, what with last week's post and this one, it'd be perfectly reasonable to conclude that I've gone football crazy. I haven't, but with the season drawing to a close, the papers seem to be making the most of it, and related language stories are plentiful. So ubiquitous is the story that I shan't even bother to post you the link about Wayne Rooney no longer being welcome at a school he was due to appear at because of his much publicised use of vernacular language.

No, the curiosity I've chosen for our perusal this week is a piece from the East Anglian Daily Times. AFC Sudbury are due to play for the FA Vase (hope they get some nice spring flowers to put in that...) and one of their supporters has helpfully penned a motivational monologue for the team. What's interesting is that he has done so in Suffolk dialect. How linguistically accurate this is, I can't tell, having had only a fleeting relationship with that county, but it would be useful to explore this as a literary representation of one of the accents and dialects of the British Isles.

Can anyone find any links to linguistic information about the Suffolk dialect? Or is anybody out there a speaker who could enlighten us about this representation?

Check it out...

Thoird toime lucky for AFC Sudbury


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