Thursday, February 10, 2005

Charles and Camilla

So, for everyone out there who thinks that only young people talk sex into their mobiles late at night, here's a reminder, on this, the day it was announced, at long last, that Prince Charles will finally make a decent woman of his lay-dee, a reminder of what a stud, what a steamy late night schmoozer, our future king is. Click on the link to read the full transcript of the 1989 "Camillagate" scandal. And what exactly, I hear you ask, has this to do with your serious pursuit of A Level English Language? Ah well, just look at it...

Language and power - is this the way you expect members of the aristocracy to speak? Is it really that different, phonology aside, from the language of any star-crossed lovers?

Language and technology - consider the implications of modern telecommunications on language... The question was often asked in the press at the time - and was again in relation to Beckham and his texts - don't these people realise how easy it is for their calls to be hacked into and recorded? Wouldn't they be a little more linguistically circumspect if they thought about this for even half a second? Can't wait to see HRH on MSN...

Read it and weep....

The Camillagate Transcript


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