Thursday, October 21, 2004

The empire strikes back

One last little post before my brain goes in for a half term service and my PC gets upgraded so it can handle my newly arrived i-Pod (techno-swoon....).

This week David Crystal has been in India lecturing on the Futures of English. According to reports in the papers, he believes that the varieties of English spoken in countries where the language is most people's mother tongue have had their day. English may be a global language, but it won't be British English or American English dominating the world, but varieties like Hinglish, spoken in India. And with the popularity of Bollywood, the thriving computer software industry in India, and booming business generally, this variety could soon rule the world.

Check it out. I was going to link to the article in The Times of London, but as they're tight-wads who only let us read free for a week, I've gone global and we're making linkylove with the Times of India. Long live the internet!

The world'll speak in Hinglish

Indian English


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