Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Phew! So much language news this week I'm running to keep up! Hot off the press today is a report in the Times that the word "chav" has been nominated as buzzword of the year. Nothing like a bit of self-publicity, the nominator just happens to have a book out covering buzzwords of the twentieth century. But those nice people at The Times have helpfully provided an extract from it, a table showing a key buzzword from every year since 1904. The article also explores how the word "chav" is evolving, with "chavster", "chavspotting" and "chavtastic" now gracing the English lexicon. Check it out quick cos those nice people at The Times aren't that nice really, cos you can only read their online articles for free for seven days after publication.

Good news for chavs: they may be cool people soon


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