Friday, March 25, 2005

E-Julie and the Eejits?...

Now, please don't let on to the students I've just cruelly abandoned, but, contrary to what I've told them, I'm not really taking up a new post somewhere in the Fens. No, I'm actually about to embark on my long-planned career as an international rock guitarist. Can't play a single chord? Can't sing? Well, I see that as no reason whatsoever not to give it a go, though maybe I'll make one tiny concession and go buy a guitar tomorrow...

Okay, so maybe that's just my secret fantasy, but it was all sparked off by today's article in the Guardian about the best band names ever. The muso-journalist explains his method of filtering hundreds of demo CDs a week according to their linguistic value, though he has to confess to having got it badly wrong on occasion, ditching Oasis cos the name's lame (fair dos, I say).

"Hmmm, that's a nice little kicked-back language legend article for the holidays", I was thinking; and, maybe I'll say, "hey, this'd make a pretty funky language investigation". And just as I was thinking that, I clicked on the "related articles" link and lo and behold someone's not only done it but very conveniently published it in the Guardian. Cool analysis. Check 'em both out.

Branding the band

A guide to weird and wonderful band names


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