Thursday, May 06, 2004

Street talkin'

Hey, out there - you're all doing a fantastic job on the tagboard discussion! Thanks for loads of interesting stuff about the language of insults and for some great recommendations of sites to look at. I've added these to the links section below so if you missed it, go click!

Tom, the self-confessed "Saga lout", has given us this week's talk topic - new slang. Today, The Sun reported the publication of a book which aims to give us all an insight into the very latest in rhyming and other kinds of slang. The trouble with any kind of lexicography is that the minute you put the last full stop on the last page of your dictionary, it's already out of date. But that's the beauty of slang - it's out there hustling, never standing still, always on the look out for a new trick.

So, my question this week: is this so-called new slang really out there in use? Check the links (be warned, sometimes The Sun moves things after I've posted them so you may need to root around a bit on their website...) and let me know.

Time for Posh & Becks?

Check out exactly what slang is


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